The Knowledge

To drive one of London’s famous black taxi cabs, you have to first pass a test known simply as The Knowledge.

All London drivers must learn the 25,000 streets and 20,000 landmarks and places of interest in the six mile radius of Charing Cross. It takes at least a couple of years to fully attain The Knowledge, and pass that test.

In the context of digital signage and digital screen media, there’s not many people who truly have the equivalent of The Knowledge. We’re two of the few, and just about all the others aren’t consultants. They’re the people running the vendor companies or networks that are part of this ever-shifting ecosystem.

The Digital Signage Knowledge

Getting The Knowledge of Digital Signage is not about attending conferences, sitting in on webinars and reading stacks of papers and studies. It’s not about the command of Business-Speak or certifications. It’s about actual experience, insight, business ties and gumption.

It’s about knowing what really happens when a project gets a green light. Understanding the speed bumps and forks in the road, the gotchas and the “we didn’t see that one coming” moments.

It’s about knowing how companies really operate, and how they are really doing. It’s about having direct contacts and relationships with the key people. It’s about respect. And honesty.

It’s about having the stones to tell a client their project plan – their “baby” – is ugly.

The Best Route

This sector has no shortage of people professing expertise about all things digital signage. But think about your experience climbing into the back of a cab in London, or really anywhere.

Invariably, you want who’s behind the wheel to get your company’s digital signage project from here to there using the route that makes sense, with the fewest bumps and road blocks, little or no drama, and at a cost that’s fair and makes sense.

That’s what we’re all about. We have The Knowledge.

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