What We Do

The Preset Group provides the guidance and experience usually needed for successful digital signage project planning.

We ensure companies that make the financial and resources investment in digital signage networks get those projects right, from the very start.

Preset works with companies to analyze their business needs. Objectives and success criteria are then developed. With those in place, content programming requirements can be developed, and a strategy, timelines and milestones developed. It’s at that point they are truly ready to start making informed technology and business decisions.

Strategic Planning

With objectives in place, it’s possible to then plot out what, where, when, why and how to best meet those objectives. That work includes the understanding the dynamics of the venues and the audiences, choices and options on how information will be seen, operating needs and restrictions, resource requirements, and a long list of other considerations that need to be checked off early in the planning process, including budget.


We do the discovery and analysis work, on-site, to help them develop and clearly define the communications and business objectives of the project. We help them turn loose, largely unformed ideas about communicating with consumers, visitors, students or employees into clear objectives and measurable returns.


Only with objectives and strategy in place can people planning a network start to sort through programming requirements. We help clients understand what needs to be communicated, how that’s going to be done, and how often content needs to be refreshed. We help identify cost-saving efficiencies and set the foundation for a solid programming strategy that has genuine impact. Without a firm grip on the programming plan, both in launch and then ongoing, a network will not optimize the opportunity or investment. Content costs are often forgotten in the planning process and need thorough planning and budgeting.

Technology Choices

We provide advice on what to look for in making informed decisions about technologies and the companies behind them.