Are your digital signage plans stuck in neutral?

Hire experts from The Preset Group to help your company or organization work through the rationale, objectives, resource requirements, technology options, processes and execution plans needed to get your signage project moving.

We’ll start with Why? And then we’ll work with you, on-site, to walk through all the what, where, who and when questions, and then make recommendations on how to make it happen.

Through direct meetings and productive conversations, we help clients develop a solid sense of a plan and processes that will set projects in motion, and very likely save them a lot of wasted time, resources and money.

Our Process


What are the desired outcomes of your network? We’ll move that from vague to specific and measureable.


What’s on those screens? What are the messages and methods?


Where are the best locations and configurations, and what are the moments, where screens will have an impact?


What tech and services do you really need, and who can deliver that? Who’s going to “own” this in your company?


What are realistic timelines to put this all together, and do you need to pilot first before you roll out?


Once we’ve got you comfortable about what to do, we’ll make realistic, tangible recommendations on how to make it happen.



Preset also works with many vendors within the digital signage ecosystem, providing a variety of services that include:

  • M&A advisory
  • Marketplace analysis
  • Do to market strategy
  • Marketing and communications reviews
  • Education and training
  • Introductions to companies
  • RFP development and guidance
  • Team-selling/mentoring
  • Consulting as a re-sellable package for SW and solutions providers