The Preset Group is an independent consultancy focused on digital signage and experiential spaces, from retail and malls to casinos and corporate buildings. The company was established in 2009 and has worked with clients as far away as South Africa, the Philippines and Indonesia.

The Preset Group’s founders  have been around networked digital screens for many, many years – with genuine, real world experiences and a huge amount of insight about what will lead to success and what will lead to chaotic, money-gargling messes.

Our clients range from Fortune 500 companies to start-ups, and our work is everything from small projects and sanity-check workshops to long-term retained engagements where we become at-large members of a management team – helping guide plans. We work both with end-users and with vendors who are bringing new products and services to the marketplace.

We spend a lot of time with our clients helping them define clear objectives and solid plans, which then lead to compelling results.

We have, in our careers, conceived, started and run large, successful digital screen networks. We’ve made the mistakes and learned the lessons directly – not by taking notes at conferences. We can offer clients deep and diverse insights into the design, programming, deployment, monetization and management of results-based digital screen businesses and projects.

Whether it’s a new company, division, network or product, we ensure clients get what they’re doing right … from the start.

About The Name: Presets are used to ensure something works well right out of the box. That’s how we look at our work.

Preset’s Members

path-grabPat Hellberg has extensive experience in digital signage, content production and branding.  Pat served as creative director for Nike’s Film & Video Department.  He launched Nike’s in-store digital signage program, the Nike Retail Network.  For 8 years, he managed the network and supervised the creative team that produced award-winning content for the network.

Pat is now involved in two companies:  Preset and Kaicon, a content production company whose clients include Nike, Gatorade, Fox International, Umpqua Bank and others.

Pat works out of offices in Portland, Oregon.



Haynes_300-250Dave Haynes is one of the most experienced, connected and respected people in the digital signage industry. Dave has run operations for huge, complicated networks, sold software and done business development, and both raised money and launched a still-live digital out of home network.

A 35-year media veteran, Dave is perhaps best-known as the writer behind the digital signage’s oldest blog, Sixteen:Nine. Dave is a frequent speaker and moderator at technology conferences, and is well-known as the industry’s “BS Filter.”

Dave works out of an office in Burlington, Ontario, about 30 miles (50 km) from downtown Toronto.


No Baggage, No BS

We maintain a neutral position in the industry. That means while we know just about everybody in it – the strengths and flaws of their products and people – we don’t hump anyone’s wares. We won’t recommend something or someone because we’re getting spiffed on the back-end of the deal. Not gonna happen. We’re straight with our clients. We won’t blow smoke. We won’t shake pom-poms. We’ll tell you if your ideas are sound, or what’s needed to make them so. We’ll work with you, not for you. It’s a partnership.